At NeKo you can find all your fresh, frozen, or dry provisions. All top-quality products with maximum shelf life at competitive prices. As you would expect from NeKo, the one-stop shop for anyone who wants the best and nothing but the best for their crew and ship.

Complying with all regulations

NeKo complies with all the regulations involved with temperature-controlled storage and delivery of fresh and frozen products (HACCP). Obviously. Because we won’t let your crew cross oceans and seas with items that do not meet the highest standards. The highest standards in the market. And NeKo’s own high standards.

For every crew

Being fresh and safe is key. As is the wide range of our products. Because we know that your people are seafaring people from all over the globe. That every crew member has his own backgrounds and tastes. And that satisfied crew members are productive crew members. Let NeKo take care of your people, and keep them satisfied.


We are there… whenever you need us. To answer all your questions and meet all your needs. With speed. With service. With provisions. Contact NeKo and ask for the possibilities.