Ships are made to sail. To cross oceans and seas, and to keep global businesses going. For that, ships must be kept in excellent condition, highly maintained with the right technical consumables. The right items are in the right place at the right time. Rely on NeKo for all your technical consumables.

Top-notch technology

Turn to NeKo for the broadest range of top-notch consumables for deck, engine, cabin, electrical stores and stationery. All from the best manufacturers. Available from stock fast and reliable. At competitive prices and delivered according to the NeKo service standards.

Your ship deserves the best

Your ship and your crew deserve the very best. You will meet that expectations at NeKo, also when it comes to technical consumables. We keep you going. With a happy crew, on a well-maintained vessel. To keep the business going and have ships do what they are made for. Sailing.


We are there… whenever you need us. To answer all your questions and meet all your needs. With speed. With service. With technical consumables. Get in touch with NeKo and ask for the possibilities.